About Flash Networking



The name Flash Networking was inspired by terms such as Flash Mob with the Flash meaning quick and unpredictable.

The organisers of Flash Networking have attended and run networking events for many years and have seen a lot in that time.

  • Groups that were once popular start to decline in interest and numbers.
  • Groups that are too focused on making money from attendance rather than the interests of their guests.
  • Groups that have become repetitive with the same people and the same format every time.


SO, we have set up Flash Networking to be Different.

We are collaborating with some of the best organisations and venues to run our own Flash Networking events as well as promoting other great events.

We will not be listing or supporting regular networking groups only unique events that quite often get under promoted or missed.

We want guests to enjoy networking, so if we dont think events will be interesting we will not be supporting them. We encourage feedback to ensure that we are offering and supporting events that our guests want to attend.

We will be initially promoting events around Milton Keynes but we will shorlty promoting events in London and then other parts of the country.

Flash networking has just been launched, so please watch this space for further information or please feel free to contact us in the meantime. info@flashnetworking.co.uk